invite your friends over to a smoke free home in the summer after your house fire.

Expert Advice on How to Remove Smoke Smell Chicago from Home


If you are attempting to re-enter your home after a big fire, it is best to prepare yourself against health issues and getting injured from unknown risks. In fact, experts on smoke smell removal Chicago advise against entering your home after the blaze, as there are a lot of risks not only with health but also with your finances. However, many homeowners still insist on going inside since they want to salvage back as many of their belongings as they can. Below are a couple of tips to prepare yourself and also clean what remains in your home.


  • Avoid re-entering your home with a safety permit signed by the fire marshal. This will give you an assurance that it is safe to go back inside your house. Keep in mind that getting permission can take a while depending on the extent of the damage to your home.
  • Once you have the permission of the fire marshal, you begin assessing the damage done to your belongings. Take back as many possessions you think can still be useful to you and discard the ones that are totally destroyed.
  • One thing that professionals advise against re-entering homes due to are the fumes still lingering, even a day after the fire. When professionals perform smoke smell removal, Chicago, they put on protective gear that will not let them inhale the fumes. In your case, you need to let fresh air circulate inside the house. Open all windows in every room to increase the ventilation. It is best to bring in a small fan so as to increase the amount of air flowing into the interior. This will aid in clearing the building from the residual smoke. It will also minimize the odor and replace it with fresh air to breathe in.